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We're so focused, friendly, fair and fast...so you can buy a bigger boat!

We’re so focused, friendly, fair and fast…so you can buy a bigger boat!


The greatest power that a person possesses is the power to choose. We appreciate that selecting a firm to entrust your taxation, accounting, finance & financial planning requirements is an important decision. By truly considering the values and strengths of our firm, we encourage you to make the right decision for you. The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice; your growth lies in the choices you make today.

At GC Accountants our focus is on you. Being highly educated, well-trained Certified Practicing Accountants and Authorised Representatives of Count Financial Limited, you can be assured of being part of a partnership which has your very best interest at heart.

The desired results drive the actions taken to get the job done.
  • Keeping a clear focus on being committed, diligent and persistent, allows us to deliver to you the most significant advice possible and high competency outcomes. As a result, you will have optimum resources at hand to enjoy seamless decision making processes.
  • You’ll hear smiles in our voices, and see genuine caring for your financial wellbeing. Our friendly Team and Partners are proud of being happy, willing and able to offer you great advice, never being too far away when you need them.

  • Our fair and upfront services menu outlines the various fees applicable for each and every service we provide. These can be direct debited each month making things easy on your cashflow. All fees and charges are out in the open, leaving no chance of nasty surprises.Our Engagement Letters will outline all fees which will apply to you.

  • By GC Accountants being fast and efficient, you benefit from a 10 day turnaround time for having your businesses financial statements & company tax return completed*. Our data processing standards are strictly adhered to even in peak times, so sit back and relax, let us do the work for you.

  • The end goal of a better lifestyle is an important priority of GC Accountants, so let us make it your goal too; so you can buy a bigger boat… or diamond ring, island, car, holiday … whatever you desire in life, we want to assist you in achieving those goals.

  • We invite you to a COMPLIMENTARY INTRODUCTORY SESSION, giving you the opportunity to explain the uniqueness of your business. If you prefer, to save you time, we will come to you, allowing us to gain firsthand knowledge of your business.

Whatever the stage of your business, you’ll promptly appreciate our guidance, as our experience stretches for over 20 years. We want to listen to your work problems, business dramas and operational pain points; where are you stuck? How can we help? Do you have a strategy for the future?

At GC Accountants our mission is clear – “To grow your wealth….be it personal or business, your own wealth or that of generations that follow. Our goal is to provide you with service beyond your expectations, realistic results and sound advice based on decades of experience, and the latest local & global knowledge”.

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 GC Accountants is an Authorised Representative of Count Financial Limited. ABN 19 001 974 625. AFSL