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Your business is unique, so we invite you for a FREE initial meeting giving an opportunity for us to get to know each other better, and discuss your needs. We understand that you are busy so to accommodate this, or if you prefer, we will come out to your business for this initial session. This allows us to obtain a higher understanding of how your business operates.

We pride ourselves on client focus & delivering results. Our service standards require same day return of phone calls or email. We also set a 10 day turnaround time for having your businesses financial statements & tax return completed*. These service standards are strictly adhered to, even in peak times.

At GC Accountants we are dedicated & specialise in business tax law so we know the problems it poses for business. Our area of expertise is with all small to medium businesses and we have equipped our team to cover all business tax areas including Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, Employer Superannuation Obligations, PAYG Withholding, PAYG Installments, Land Tax and Payroll Tax.

We know that taxation & the related government imposed compliance is a major cost to your business so we PROMISE to work with you in order to minimise both the compliance burden & your tax liability.

So if you want:

  • A seamless transition from your existing Accountant to us
  • Open lines of communication in clear down to earth language
  • A One Stop Shop covering all areas of your business & financial life
  • To work with a proactive team that place your needs on high priority
  • Preparation of Interim accounts prior to end of financial year to implement tax minimisation strategies before 30th June.
  • Proactive advice on, and implementation of, tax effective trust structures for asset protection and tax reduction
  • Management of any ATO audits or disputes
  • Not only meet but exceed any ATO imposed deadlines


Adam has some fantastic ideas and a clear direction for his company, but sadly had to be put on hold until his previous accountants tried to get his finances up to date. He didn’t have a clear picture of his financial position, which was extremely frustrating for him. Because Greentree’s taxes were so far behind, resulting in Adam owing a large amount all at once, this has severely affected his current cash flow and implementation of his plans.

Since joining GC Accountants, he has enjoyed clear communication between the firm and himself. Adam’s financials and tax returns used to take months, but now his returns will be completed within a matter of weeks, if not days. Happy times are ahead for Adam, as he will now reap the benefits of our proactive accountancy firm that will complete his tax compliance and business financial needs with speed and accuracy, putting Adam in the driver’s seat for the implementation of his innovative business direction.


GC Accountants are FAST !

Business InformationReceived Information: 19/03/13  Finished Financials and Tax returns: 27/03/13

Alan & Fay Hextell run a family owned Smash Repairers at Teralba. This Smash repair business is operated under the name Mainline Smash Repairs.

On the 19th of March 2013, GC Accountants received all the information necessary to complete their financial statements, partnership tax return and two lots of individual tax returns. All these items were completed by the 27th of March. This results in a turnaround time of 7 days. This exceeds GC Accountants already extremely competitive service standard of 10 days turnaround*.

 ** Conditions Apply

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