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Most businesses are like corks in the ocean, being blown around by the wind and moved by the tides. They have no vision of where they are going, no idea of where they are today and no plans in place to get to any destination. These owners, albeit very talented at what they do, have never been trained in how to run a business and unfortunately, once they reach a certain size, collapse and go out of business. You will know all too well the statistics of business failures.

We’ll help you develop a strategic plan that examines where you want your business to be in the next 5 years and exactly how you and your team can achieve these aims and objectives.

Business advisory Program

We will work long term with you to achieve real growth and increased profitability, as well as creating the working lifestyle that the business owner had originally intended.

The Business Advisory Program has been developed to provide a structured framework for us to work with you & completely overhaul your business. In most cases we come across the owner of the business starting as a technician, being highly skilled in a trade or a particular expertise in a certain field, product or service. As the business grows the owners require other skills that he/she simply do not have.

Over time the business moves from being a profitable small operation to a larger one that loses money or may only pay basic wages to the owners. In many cases the owners regularly dip into their home equity in the belief that tomorrow will be better, but without the vision or a properly thought out plan, the financial situation often deteriorates to the point where either the business must be sold or closed. This situation need not occur if the right help is available.

The BAP is designed to transform an average or poorly performing business into a greatly enhanced profitable, valuable asset.

The Business Advisory Program can also be used with successful profitable companies because there is no such thing as a company that cannot be improved. In these cases you tend to find opportunities in unusual places and it takes a structured program like the Business Advisory Program to uncover them.

What we do

Running a business can be very lonely in fact many business owners we speak to have said that they honestly feel that they have no one to turn to. They say that their professional advisors only really provide the necessary basic services that you would expect. They say that what they need is someone in their corner who they can confide in when the times get tough. In the early days of a consulting program the stark realisation often appears you may know less than you thought about running a business and in most cases you have survived by good fortune only or a growing buoyant economy (times are changing for many).

The BAP program delivers tangible results right from the start as a course is set for you and your business and then the vital foundations are put in place to ensure that the right path is taken to reach the goal or vision. The consultant works with you, guiding you through the various phases of the program to develop a strategic and operational business plan.

The real difference in the BAP is that once the plan has been developed the consultant works with you to implement the plan into the future. Experience has shown us that the “ongoing performance management” phase is the most important part of the program because you will require ongoing motivation and assistance to implement and work the plan. The consultant becomes your guy in the corner, like a coach or mentor, ensuring that the plan is stuck to and if changes are required they are made quickly and efficiently.

case study – Electrical Projects Australia

In our previous meeting with Paul and Jonathan from Electrical Projects Australia, Jonathan mentioned to us how he has noticed a dramatic positive difference in the company since Paul joined the Business Advisory Program.  Jonathan stated that before this, the company seemed to be acting more like ‘a one man band’, where the overall business operated solely around Paul. As a potential partner of the firm, Jonathan places great importance on the business being able to live and breathe on its own, and not centred around one person. He has stated that since their involvement in GC Accountant’s Business Advisory Program, the company now has more structured procedures in place, both progress and performance are being regularly monitored and he believes the company now has a focused direction.


GC Accountants have assisted Deborah in her business by being focused, friendly, fair and fast, as she has a number of business ventures including a Construction Company, Family Trust, Rental Properties Company, and a SMSF. So, there are a lot of accounting issues and business ideas going around which need to be focused on and addressed. Deborah is also a very hands on client with a good knowledge of where her business is up to. Being able to contact Gary and have him know what is going on is important to Deb, as she does not have time to ‘catch up’ with a different person each time she has a query about what is happening with her finances. She says “the best thing about Gary Croese is his Friendly, Personal Service and Open Accessibility. He knows where I’m at all the time, there’s no going over stuff again like there can be when you deal with firms with too many people in them. I always run all of my financial decisions by him first, and I’m confident he gives the best advice for me.”

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