Business Loans

Business loans – flexible and affordable

Your Count Adviser, can understand your business and its needs more personally than any other external party. With our expert advice we can recommend from a panel of lenders to provide simple, uncomplicated and competitively priced business loans.

Approved borrowers can gain access to fast finance for business investment at a lower cost than through most traditional sources.

Loans can provide finance for:

  • New business investments;
  • Expansion and acquisition;
  • Obtaining working capital;
  • Restructuring of existing borrowings.

Our comprehensive service means we will:

  • Complete your loan application/banking package;
  • Deal directly with recommended lenders on your behalf; and
  • Provide an effective bridge in the delivery of personal service.

Security for the loan can either be residential or commercial property. There are no restrictions or fees on accelerated repayments (unless a loan is subject to fixed interest).

Fixed interest loans can be arranged from 1-5 years. Variable rate loans can be converted to fixed rates on one day’s notice.

After discussing your options with your Count Adviser, you’ll receive tailored recommendations to suit your business and your future goals.

Count Advisers provide a complete service covering all the paperwork, as well as driving the deal through when the finance is approved. So you’ll save both time and money. Now that makes good business sense.

Important Note – WA & ACT Members must be licensed under the Finance Brokers’ Control Act to provide Residential, Business lending and chattel mortgage finance