Centrelink Benefits

There are a wide variety of family assistance payments available from the Government to assist you with the cost of parenting. These include:

Benefit Purpose
Family Tax Benefit Part A To help families with the cost of raising children.
Family Tax Benefit Part B To provide extra assistance to families with one main income including sole parents.
Child Care Benefit To help families with the cost of child care.
Child Care Tax Rebate Child Care Benefit helps you with the cost of child care for long day care, family day care, occasional care, outside school hours care, vacation care and registered care.
Baby Bonus Money to help with the extra costs of a new child (including adopted and still born children).
Maternity Immunisation Allowance A non-income tested payment that is usually payable as two separate amounts for children who are fully immunised between the ages of 18-24 months and between 4 and 5 years, or who have an approved exemption from immunisation.
Large Family Supplement If you get Family Tax Benefit for three or more children, this is added to your Family Tax Benefit for each child after the second.
Multiple Birth Allowance If 3 or more of your children were born at the same time, this extra payment will be added to your Family Tax Benefit.
Rent Assistance To help assist persons renting who are receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A. Rate of payment determined by number of children, relationship status and rent paid. Rent must be paid to a private residence (non-government owned).
Health Care Cards Issued automatically if you are entitled to receive the maximum rate of Family Tax Benefit Part A and you get your payment through the Family Assistance Office. Other types of Health Care Cards which are available under certain circumstances, for example, if you are receiving a social security income support payment, are a low-income earner who meets a particular income test or are caring for a foster child.
Double Orphan Pension To provide additional assistance to raise children who are orphans up until the age of 21.
Jobs, Education and Training (JET) Child Care fee assistance To provide extra help with the cost of approved child care for eligible parents undertaking activities such as work, job search, training, study or rehabilitation as part of an activity agreement, to help them enter or re-enter the workforce.

Determining whether your are eligible for these benefits can be a difficult and time consuming process. Claiming any benefits which you and your family may be eligible for can be made easy with the help of your Count Adviser.