DIY Superannuation

A DIY (Do-It-Yourself) superannuation fund is an individual, family or small business based superannuation fund that consists of less than five members.

Members of these funds are given a higher degree of control over the funds invested.

Comparing DIY superannuation funds
When looking at which super fund to go with it is always important to compare the advantages and disadvantages. Below is a table that summarises this for you.

Control over your investments
High cost
Tax concessions
Time consuming
Cost effective
Estate planning opportunities
Investment flexibility
More retirement planning options

What you can invest in
DIY superannuation fund options can enable you to invest in various investments, which include but are not limited to:

  • ASX listed securities
  • Managed funds
  • ASX fixed interest securities
  • Securitised assets
  • Real estate

However, what you can invest in is determined by your investment strategy. Your investment strategy is set when you establish your superannuation fund and must be adhered to throughout the life of the fund. There are six main investment strategies to choose from:

  1. Capital Secure – suitable for investors seeking capital security. This option provides a secure return with very low risk of capital loss.
  2. Conservative – suitable for investors seeking a higher return than cash who are prepared to accept modest risk of capital loss.
  3. Moderate – suitable for investors with a medium investment timeframe who are willing to accept a moderate risk of capital loss with a moderate level of growth.
  4. Balanced – suitable for investors with a longer time frame who are prepared to accept moderate/high risk of capital loss with along investment timeframe.
  5. Growth-oriented – suitable for investors with a medium to long-term time frame who are willing to accept moderate/high risk of capital loss but with a higher return.
  6. High Growth – suitable for investors willing to accept high risk of capital loss in the short-term with higher returns over the long-term.

How can I register?
If you would like more information on Count’s DIY Super Options – contact your Count Adviser. They will take care of the entire registration process for you and explain everything you need to know.