Estate Planning

If your assets are more complex and you would like to share your wealth with many loved ones, an Estate Plan is essential. Your Count Adviser can work with your solicitor, or our own estate planners – Australian Executor Trustees – to create an estate plan that will effectively execute your last wishes.

Your Count Adviser can:

  • Implement strategies to maximise the benefits of your assets to pass onto your beneficiaries (such as reducing tax);
  • Arrange a Binding Death Benefit Nomination to decide who will receive your superannuation fund; and
  • Work closely with your solicitor or Australian Executor Trustees to ensure that you have one consolidated solution which covers your estate planning needs.

About Australian Executor Trustees (AET)

AET is an Australian Financial Services Licensee and has over 120 years experience as a specialist provider of wealth management, wealth preservation and wealth transfer services. Through our association with AET, your Count Adviser can offer the following AET services to meet your entire estate planning solution:

  • Wills and Power of Attorney preparation
  • Estate Administration
  • Trustee Services
  • Attorney Services

Having a Count Adviser help you with your Estate Planning needs will ensure your death doesn’t result in your assets going to the tax office, or your loved ones fighting over your wealth.

Talk to your Count Adviser today to start managing your estate plans effectively.