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Tax Laws are a mine field & change every year so without professional assistance how do you really know all the deductions available to you?

We are University Qualified Accountant’s with loads of expertise & ongoing tax training. Our comprehensive tax return checklists ensure that every dollar in deductions you are legally entitled to will be uncovered; maximising your tax refund every year!

We offer guidance and aim to give you knowledge on how the tax laws apply to your situation. With this information you are prepared for the coming financial year & will pay the absolute minimum tax that you need to & possibly consider some negative gearing strategies?

During your tax return meeting we will offer a FREE Financial Health Check which has been designed to assist with identifying other areas of your financial life that you may need assistance with such as your home loan, personal insurance or investment; all areas that can sometimes be left in the ‘too hard basket’ but unfortunately can cost you hundreds or even thousand of dollars through missing out on more cost effective options.

Our dedicated people are client focused & aim to provide you with a personal touch from the moment you enter our beautifully renovated 1880’s Terrace centrally located on Elder Street, Lambton.

Instead of DIY & ‘hoping you got it right’, make the ‘choice’ to relax with a cuppa in our warm & friendly office whilst we go to work on maximising your refund! – Our fees are tax deductible so why not?


Audrey is an 89 year old lady who has recently made the move to a retirement village. Prior to acceptance, she was required to have all her taxation obligations up to date. When we were approached to do her work, Audrey had not lodged a tax return since 2007, and therefore she required us to complete 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 tax returns.

Audrey is quite a wealthy individual who receives considerable interest and owns a large share portfolio. As some of these share purchases took place in the 80’s complete records were difficult to source. Many of the Companies that Audrey owns shares in, have over the years faced takeovers, mergers, liquidation, issued bonus shares etc. This type of activity usually comes with capital gains tax consequences. With a determined focus (and assistance from Audrey’s Power of Attorney), we were able to gather all missing information and work through the multiple issues we were faced with. After lodging five years worth of returns, Audrey received a tax refund totalling $10,731.65.

As GC Accountants also offers a Financial Planning service, we have since completed a statement of advice for Audrey, and are currently helping Audrey with all her financial needs, including organising and maintaining her shares portfolio.

So before June 30 ticks around, take advantage of GC Accountants’ expert advice and experience to help you maximise your tax refund cheque. Call and make your appointment now. Contact Us

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