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A decent accounting system will help you keep track of your cash flow and make completing GST returns easy. Choosing the right system for your business can be difficult as there are over sixty different accounting packages available in Australia.

At GC Accountants our preferred business accounting software solutions are MYOB and BankLink as these products provide all the relevant features and functionality that business owners require to manage their book-keeping requirements efficiently. Depending on the level of resources and the unique needs of your business, we can help you tailor a suitable book-keeping solution using MYOB and BankLink that saves you time and helps you manage your performance management and compliance obligations.

Our expert staff can train you and your team to use MYOB and BankLink or you can take advantage of our internal book-keeping service, to free up your time and instead allow you to focus on running and working on your business.

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Providing our clients with BankLink software is a very high selling point of our book keeping service. We are consistently providing our clients with simple yet effective book keeping options, to assist in minimising their time on book work and allowing them more time to run their businesses. Signing one form is all that is required to get our clients banking details linked to BankLink. Since this was done, we have access to all of their business transactions, and we then code these with some initial help from our client’s regarding what each transaction is for. This eliminates a whole lot of extra stress and hassle that is usually experienced when sifting though endless amounts of business paperwork, just to get the business data into an accounting system for your accountant! BankLink gives our clients a huge head start, huge!

At GC Accountants we have a few clients that are using spreadsheets or other wage products that are time consuming and not user friendly. We have recently introduced “Wages” to our BankLink Software. This goes a long way in assisting our clients with accurate wage records for their employees, which helps them meet their ATO requirements. As a result, this leaves our clients with time to focus on parts of their business that will earn them income, rather than having to slave over their business books. As many of our clients are tradesmen or professional service providers, they don’t have the time to be completing costly and time consuming computer courses to learn how to get these jobs done. GC Accountants provide a user friendly option to assist in making sure their business is well organised in the way of tax liabilities.


 MYOB can sometimes be complex, and so it is difficult for some people to use. We readily assist our clients by showing them the easiest, quickest way to process their transactions, while still obtaining high quality data entry and accuracy.

Recently, we have reviewed Paramount Event Hire’s MYOB chart of accounts, and simplified the amount of accounts that are used. When we showed Jacqui a way to automatically attach an account code to a supplier, this made her day! This makes data entry faster for her, Hurray!

We are currently working on the same project for Steelspan Storage Systems International Pty Limited as we feel this will improve the quality of their data and go a long way to help them free up some time to work ON their business, rather than be buried in it!


Our team is well versed in the use of its preferred accounting products, being MYOB & BankLink. All and any of our clients are welcome to call with small issues they face.

These range from the little technical glitches such as Internet Explorer 64 bit not being compatible with the online program (as Wendy from Optique Newcastle Pty Ltd discovered), to the set up of MYOB payroll module so superannuation is calculated on the correct amount and not include allowances. This had been on ongoing issue for Greentree Fencing whose previous accountants were going to fix but never got to…. Meaning Dellas had to calculate and enter the super amount each time she processed the pays! With GC Accountant clients, this sort of stuff doesn’t happen!

Often these issues can be a long drawn out process, waiting on hold to a support team, where the client waits longer on hold than it takes to fix the problem! Our clients are also not spoken down to or made feel inferior by not knowing how to fix a problem, because we’re so focused, friendly, fair and fast, … so you can buy a bigger boat! What’s your boat?

GC Accountants have assisted Greg and Wendy in their business by being focused, friendly, fair and fast, being approachable and available to answer questions in relation to their business. The firm is a ‘One Stop Shop’ for Greg and Wendy’s financial needs, offering business accounting & tax services, finance for business equipment & vehicles, as well as for their personal requirements. As GC Accountants have the Corbett’s financial figures on hand, any information needed for financing a loan, whether for residential or business investment, is readily available. The team at GC Accountants are always here to answer any technical questions, either via email or phone.


GC Accountants has assisted Ken and Mat in their business by being focused, friendly fair and fast, by being proactive on their behalf. By introduced them to BankLink Wages  Ken will time in the office, so he can be out on the job instead of fighting with a computer program that isn’t friendly. As they are currently using BankLink as a bookkeeping solution they do not need to spend countless hours doing expenses data entry as this is captured direct from transactions through their BankLink facility. 

The GC Team browse through the transactions as they receive them on a monthly basis to see if there is anything that can be memorise i.e. bank fees, fuel, vehicle registration and insurance. Then any transactions that are not clear are sent to Ken and Mat to code online each month. This way Ken and Mat may have as little as ten or so transactions to look into, and being fresh in their minds, they can usually recall most detail without too much fuss.

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