Why do I need a financial plan

In the modern world, financial markets are becoming increasingly complex. As a result, the best and safest approach to investing is to seek the advice of a qualified professional. By discussing your financial and lifestyle goals with a Count Adviser, together you can build the foundations of a financial plan that, with on-going reviews, ensures you enjoy life and are financially prepared to cope with unforeseen events.

The right plan of action to achieve financial freedom
Count believes that every successful plan begins with a strong foundation and follows these steps:

Step 1. Your tax-effective foundation
Before you even begin to select investments, vast savings and benefits can be made with the best use of legal tax structures, current taxation strategies and tax-advantaged products. You can save tax, maximise Centrelink entitlements, build wealth faster, protect your wealth from creditors and streamline your estate planning.

Step 2. Protecting yourself and your family
The success of a good wealth creation strategy should be secured with a wealth protection strategy. We will analyse both your own and your family’s financial risk and eliminate the financial hardship that could arise from accident, illness or premature death.

Step 3. Building your investment strategy
Next we tailor an investment strategy so you reach your goals.

Step 4. Select your investments
At this stage it pays to be very choosy. With the aid of our independent research process, we’re able to build your investment portfolio piece by piece, using quality investments selected from leading Australian and international fund managers. Count is not tied to one provider.

Step 5. On-going investment reviews
Regular reviews of your financial situation are essential to ensure you stay on track to reach your goals. The cost and services to be provided will be established by mutual agreement.

If you choose to receive your adviser’s Total Financial Care Service, you will agree upon a suitable ongoing care agreement, which may include the highest level of portfolio information available through My Net Wealth®. Find out what you can view using My Net Wealth®.

Count Advisers own the advice they give – not the products they recommend, so you can always be sure you’re getting high-quality, strategic investment advice tailored to your needs.