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  • Clear communication between the firm and client
  • Financials have increased in speed
  • Proactive accountancy with speed and accuracy
  • Innovative business direction


SMS Civil Constructions specialise & focus on Civil and Commercial Formwork Construction. They are providing services for significant size projects in the energy and mining sectors Australia wide.

The Plan

In October 2012, GC Accountants Pty Limited sent out their “2012 Financial Statements and Tax Return” checklist to SMS Civil Constructions, requesting the necessary records and documents needed to complete the scope of work for 2012 tax compliance.

GC received all of the information requested from the checklists, and started preparing 2012 Financial Statements and Tax Returns from 7th of January 2013.  GC Accountants needed only (3) three days to complete the work required. This type of speedy result is possible due to GC’s extensive preparation experience in providing accurate checklists to guide their clients efficiently and effortlessly in providing all of the necessary information required to complete their work.


The Results

GC Accountants did not stop there. Firstly completing SMS Construction’s compliance work (Financials and Tax Returns), then going the extra mile. GC Accountants take their work seriously,and as such provide indepth analysis of the work completed. The GC Team extend themselves by exploring and searching for every success opportunity, using the tools and strengths of not only their own team, but a select group of Proactive Accountants across Australia. The result, is an Awesome 8 presentation, where SMS Civil Construction benefit from this advice in an easy to understand presentation using graphs and plain business language.

The areas that were dealved into for SMS Civil Constructuion were preparation of a cash flow chart “Where Did My Cash Go?”, Break Even Report and a Benchmark Analysis Report. Furthermore, GC Accountants prepared Client Opportunity Data Sheet for ideas for improving the SMS Civil Construction’s business, before the Awesome 8 Meeting. In the final presentation meeting, GC Accountant’s partners used their expertise to suggest ideas to grow revenue and profit, to improve cash flow, to help protect assets and to minimise tax in the future.

With such intense relationships, come intense friendships. During meetings throughout the year with SMS Civil Constructions, the team at GC Accountants consistently provided improvement advice and acted as the all important bouncing board for SMS Civil Constructions, in a friendly and easy manner.

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